• http://www.goss.ie/2014/10/pics-georgia-salpa-shows-off-toned-body-in-xmas-lingerie-must-buys/

    Tuesday Oct 21 2014

    http://www.goss.ie/2014/10/pics-georgia-salpa-shows-off-toned-body-in-xmas-lingerie-must-buys/ View full story

  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2801362/hope-s-got-coat-glamour-model-georgia-salpa-showcases-enviable-figure-poses-silky-underwear-latest-lingerie-shoot.html

    Tuesday Oct 21 2014

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2801362/hope-s-got-coat-glamour-model-georgia-salpa-showcases-enviable-figure-poses-silky-underwear-latest-lingerie-shoot.html View full story

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    Tuesday Oct 21 2014

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    Tuesday Oct 21 2014

    http://www.reveal.co.uk/fashion/news/a604845/georgia-salpa-flaunts-curves-while-modelling-sexy-new-satin-lingerie.html?utm_content=buffer6e660&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer View full story

  • http://www.modelboudoir.co.uk/news/alexis-smith-cancer-awareness/

    Thursday Oct 02 2014

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  • ttp://www.zootoday.com/girls/news/irish-hottie-georgia-salpa-strips-down-to-her-lacy-lingerie-for-breast-cancer-charity

    Thursday Oct 02 2014

    ttp://www.zootoday.com/girls/news/irish-hottie-georgia-salpa-strips-down-to-her-lacy-lingerie-for-breast-cancer-charity View full story

  • http://www.againstbreastcancer.org.uk/get-involved/corporate/our-partners/905/alexis-smith-lingerie/

    Thursday Oct 02 2014

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    Thursday Oct 02 2014

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  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2777625/Stripping-raise-awareness-Georgia-Salpa-latest-celeb-strip-support-Breast-Cancer-Awareness-month.html

    Thursday Oct 02 2014

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2777625/Stripping-raise-awareness-Georgia-Salpa-latest-celeb-strip-support-Breast-Cancer-Awareness-month.html   View full story

  • Alexis Smith Launches Limited Edition Pink Lingerie Set For Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014

    Thursday Oct 02 2014

    Alexis Smith Launches Limited Edition Pink Lingerie Set For Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014 – Modelled By Georgia Salpa www.alexissmith.eu Lingerie designer Alexis Smith has launched a limited edition pink satin lingerie set for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014. The pink satin set, modelled by Georgia Salpa will be on sale at www,alexissmith.eu – 25% of all sales from the sets during October 2014 will go to the charity Against Breast Cancer (charity no. 1121258). Alexis hopes her limited edition set for Breast Cancer Awareness Month will raise vital funds for Against Breast Cancer. The Alexis Smith limited edition pink satin... View full story

  • Lingerie Stylist Tamar Kendall AW14 collection blog post

    Monday Sep 29 2014

    Opening my lingerie drawer is like prizing open a treasure trove bursting with my favourite little fripperies. A hint of lace here, a caress of sheer mesh there, the lure of jewel toned satin... every piece holds a special memory or the promise of endless nights to come. As winter draws in I appreciate my lingerie drawer even more than usual. Even on the wettest and grey-est of days I can always rely on my lingerie drawer to provide a shimmering silver lining and a renewed spring in my step.   My latest discovery and welcome addition to my adored... View full story

  • 'Why every woman needs a luxary bra' by this months guest blogger adrugstoreaddiction

    Tuesday Aug 26 2014

    There are certain luxuries in life we can skip, leaving a colour coordinated maroon room only to the Blair Waldofs of the world. When it comes to bras though, this isn't the case. Just like every girl needs a little black dress, she also needs the perfect luxury bra to boot! Why?



    To put it simply; cheap bra's wear out. Ever heard of the phrase quality not quantity?

    I spend £30+ on my bras and in the long run I save. Say you were buying a new £10 bra

    a month, that's going to cost you twice as much as the 3 decent bra's you need a year!


    Gone are the days were us girls had only the job of looking pretty. Nope

    now we have to maintain levels of attractiveness AND work a 9-5 job.

    Comfort is key.


    Fashion bras are fun, flirty, sophisticated and 100% not found on the shelves in Primark.

    You want the 3 traits I just described right? Well you're going to have to loosen the purse

    strings a little. 


     Take this luxury dark purple satin bra from Alexis Smith underwear. It's soft, silky,

     looks great AND comes with a beautiful bow in the centre. Postal orders come wrapped

    in gift paper adding to the luxury effect. Hands up if you don't want all this. No one?

    I thought not.


    Insta- Instagram.com/jlynchx


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  • The Sun Georgia Salpa for Alexis Smith

    Monday May 12 2014

    By Georgia! Salpa does lingerie http://bit.ly/1ivD7i7  View full story

  • Alexis Smith appoints Edencancan to launch Georgia Salpa campaign

    Monday May 12 2014

    http://edencancan.co.uk/edencancan-looks-after-the-alexis-smith-lingerie-with-georgia-salpa/ … View full story

  • FHM Georgia Salpa in pics for Alexis Smith

    Monday May 12 2014

    Georgia Salpa's new lingerie shoot will fill your day with sexy awesomeness - http://bit.ly/1j9aZwX  View full story

  • News Georgia Salpa

    Monday May 12 2014

    Ireland's sexiest woman Georgia Salpa replaces Jess Wright as lingerie queen for @alexissmithbras (via @Daily_Star) http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/378246/Sexy-model-Georgia-Salpa-beats-TOWIE-star-Jessica-Wright-as-new-face-of-lingerie-brand … View full story

  • Georgia Salpa becomes the new 'face and body' of Alexis Smith

    Monday May 12 2014

    Femail  Article Georgia Salpa replaces Jessica Wright as face of lingerie brand: Irish model cements place as one of world's sexiest women in sizzling photo shoot By Bianca London - May 8th 2014, 9:56:25 am View full story

  • SS14 Collections launch

    Monday Mar 10 2014

    Press Release | March 2014 A brand new SS14 capsule lingerie collection by elite British designer Alexis Smith The two new collections named Love Dust and Lotus Blush evoke feelings of a sultry nature, sexy, stylish and band on trend with powder blush nude coloured lingerie tones that sit perfectly around your bust for the summer season. Affordable priced lingerie that does not compromise in anyway in design, quality and great fit. With Alexis Smith Love Dust and Lotus Blush Bras priced from £35 and Briefs from £15 The Alexis Smith Love Dust collection will leave you feeling ultra feminine.... View full story

  • AW13 Collections Launch at Sugar Hut Essex

    Tuesday Oct 22 2013

    Alexis Smith launches new AW13 Collections in style at Sugar Hut Essex with friend's Amy Childs and Lydia Lucy. The popular Essex night spot received an extra injection of sultry sexiness on Friday 18th October, as British lingerie designer Alexis Smith launched her brand new AW13 collections of Lingerie entitled ‘Lust’ and ‘Envy. Available now online at www.alexissmith.eu At £21 for satin bra and £9 for briefs the new affordable designs did not compromise in any way in sexiness and style. The brand’s concept is the to provide fashionable and appealing D cup+ lingerie.  Celebrity friends Amy Child’s, X factor 2013 star Lydia-Lucy,... View full story

  • Brand new AW collections launch

    Wednesday Oct 16 2013

    BRAND NEW ALEXIS SMITH AW13 COLLECTIONS LAUNCH...... Drawing inspiration from the ‘seven deadly sins’ the two new collections named Envy and Lust evoke feelings of a sultry nature, sexy, stylish and band on trend with jewelled coloured lingerie tones that sit perfectly around your bust for the winter season. Affordable priced lingerie that does not compromise in anyway in design, quality and great fit. With Alexis Smith Lust & Envy Bras priced from £21.00 and Briefs from £9.00 The Alexis Smith Envy collection will leave the competition feeling ‘green with envy’ a stunning and striking jade green satin bra and... View full story