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Alexis Smith lingerie was created by Newcastle born 29 year old Alexis Smith. Alexis created the brand from her desire to create a bra that she felt was missing from the market, she wanted to create a bra that would be desirable to petite women who fell within the D+ size range.

Alexis unlike most lingerie designers did not have any previous experience in the apparel industry so when she decided to create the brand she started on her long journey discovering the delights of the lingerie world from scratch. Her driving force behind the creation of Alexis Smith, was her desire to create a bra for her 32F bust that was sexy, young and fashionable but most of all comfortable to wear day to day and did not compromise on fit. 

This was something Alexis could not find in any existing lingerie brands. The bras in the D+ range seemed a far cry from the young, sexy underwear that a 24 year old would want to wear, they all seemed to be full cup bras with thick straps and lacked any femininity! Having a small 32 back size Alexis thought that the heavy support that most D+ bras came with was not necessary for women with smaller back sizes and larger cups sizes. Alexis spent 18 months researching the lingerie market and trying several different bras looking for something that was close to what she wanted to create with the Alexis Smith brand! She worked along side a UK based pattern cutter and design team to create the perfect shape and fit which would become the base for her collection.

In 2011 finally Alexis Smith was launched. The website went live in March, and Alexis was overwhelmed at the amount of hits that the website had in the first six months. Orders were coming in from across the globe from girls who all shared the same desire to have a comfortable, fashionable sexy bras for girls with small back size and D+ cup size at a price that was not going to break the bank! In July 2011 Alexis Smith appointed TOWIE star Jessica Wright as the face of the brand and the media interest in the brand exploded - the Alexis Smith lingerie brand then became a high street name. The brand has a huge celebrity fan base and has a strong presence in the D+ lingerie sector. 

2012 saw even more exciting things for Alexis Smith Lingerie. After two fantastic lingerie press and celebrity launches in central London, the UK fashion and lingerie press have become big fans of Alexis and her lingerie designs. Featured on numerous occasions on the Daily Mail Online, in National newspapers such as The Sun, The Daily Star and The Daily Mirror, top fashion publications such as Cosmopolitan UK and Instyle, top weekly publications such as OK Magazine, Reveal, New! and of course renowned lingerie press such as Lingerie Insight, Alexis Smith Lingerie is a firm press favourite here to stay!

In May 2014 international model Georgia Salpa was signed as the new 'face and body' of the Alexis Smith brand.

Georgia said "I am really pleased to be the new 'face' of Alexis Smith I have always been a fan of the brand and love the quality and fit of the bras. It's nice to wear matching underwear sets everyday, I love the beige lace set 'Love Dust', it's my favorite".

The Alexis Smith brand is now stocked in top high street retailers, and is available in six countries across the Globe. The Alexis Smith brand is proof that a successful business can come to life with hard work, passion and sheer determination and Alexis continues to share her story with young women in the hope to inspire the next generation of young business women!

"Believe, achieve and dream big!" 

Alexis Smith